Dan Gauld is an IT consultant with over 20 years experience. Focused in the area of backup/recovery and data storage. He has performed numerous assessments, deployments and upgrades for NetBackup, Backup Exec, NetWorker and Commvault infrastructures.
Being familiar with best practices both specific and general for these environments enables him to quickly identify inefficiencies and possible improvements that can be made in technology and process. Experienced in supporting both disk and tape technologies including StorageTek, NetApp, EMC and Data Domain. Here at backupbuddha, he writes about backup recovery for both the enterprise as well as the home consumer. He enjoys cycling, running and writing about himself in the third person. He someday hopes to retire to his secret underground base surrounded by an army of robot ninjas.


  • Ole Hermansen says:

    Hi, just stumpled upon your blog, even thoug it only has two posts it seems very promissing, keep up the god work.
    I have approx. 20 years experience with Networker, and just got the error you are writing about. Never seen it before, so I googled for the error and found your blog.
    It appears that the error have been spottet from time to time over the last couple of years, so it is not release dependant.

  • cmb123 says:

    Hi Dan, last year’s Bloggers Lounge is this year’s Bloggers Space at EMC World. Hope to see you: http://emc.im/15gqZf7

  • Lluis says:

    Hi thanks for your answers,
    We discovered restarting Microsoft Exchange Replication service can make writter stable .

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