A new start

I started this blog in 2012 when I was assigned to a new client and had to get up to speed with NetWorker. The purpose was to capture any and all learning’s here. Four years and close to 80 posts later, it has been an invaluable tool to capture and share knowledge. It’s not unusual for me to look up past issues here or to google them, only to be redirected to my own blog. I never considered an issue resolved, until it was captured here. Not unusual for others to find their way here also. Stats for the last month show 656 hits, mostly from India and the U.S. Its good to know I’m not here alone screaming in the dark.



Today I find myself at the start of a new opportunity with many great challenges and things to learn. So, expect this blog to not only be a great place for capturing knowledge for NetWorker and Avamar. It will now be a repository for new learning’s related to my old friend NetBackup, as well as storage and virtualization.

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ECN introduces RAMP

On April 24th, ECN introduced RAMP. A Recognition, Award, and Motivation Program for the ECN community. Reward systems and recognition are not new to online tech communities. It’s been around long before the term “gamification” was coined. Points and badges are awarded for community contributions and completing “missions”. There will be some live missions to be completed at EMC World 2012 in Vegas next month. I like the ECN community, I always mean to book some time every week to take some time to engage there to share and learn from and with others. Given that I’m neck deep in EMC technologies right now I really should make a better effort. My personal data map dance card is getting increasingly full. When I say data map, I’m referring to all my online engagement and tracking. Here is a break down of my data map and some interconnects.

I find an interesting webpage and want to save it. I bookmark it on Delicious. My personal website has a plugin that lists my Delicious bookmarks. Delicious itself has a sharing option where any and all links I tweet are automatically bookmarked. My twitter is also connected to LinkedIn and will update my status there based on a tweet. Also every time I upload or favorite a video on YouTube this is shared on twitter and pushed to LinkedIn. This is just a small potion of my data map. There is also GetGlue to track media consumption, Nike plus to track my runs and not to mention foursquare and socialcast.  Some of these social networks also engage gamification in different ways. The first thing I look for on a new online community is how I can integrate it with all the other networks in my data map? I’m looking forward to seeing this in ECN and RAMP. Here is my wish list.

Forward and reverse integration with twitter and LinkedIn. – Share badges, points, blog posts…basically push all ECN activity out and let the user granularily select what to share based on preferences. This activity will promote ECN out on these other social networks and draw in new users.

Automatically update my ECN blog space from a RSS feed on my hosted blog

Allow YouTube embed in create video section


I’m sure the smart guys at EMC already have these plans in the pipe. Looking forward to it.

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