Configuring NMM Exchange Backups


First I know what you are all wondering, Dan how do you feel about Stephen Colbert being named as David Letterman’s replacement in 2015? I find Stephen Colbert both charming and handsome and look forward to meeting the real Colbert when he debuts. It’s a good thing Mr. Colbert can relay on his many talents to help fulfill a role as a lat night talk show host. Without those skills he may have ended up a lowly Data recovery specialist in Calgary faced with an NMM configuration.

That my friends, is what we call a segue in the biz.



Recently I rejoined the professional services team at my company. I had been embedded for sometime, but lets not talk about that. Suffice to say I’m excited to return to PS as a trusted adviser on all things NetWorker. Those words are a complete fabrication of reality and were proven when I attempted to configure NMM backups for my clients Exchange systems.

Given that this was my first project upon returning to PS I was eager to put a “W” up on the board. I had thought I was prepared having reviewed the NMM documentation. I found it slightly convoluted and confusing in some parts, but this is not an unusual circumstance for my brain. Perhaps I was delusional in assuming that the documentation contained all the knowledge needed to be successful? Yes, yes I was.

I don’t have the time to re-write the NMM documentation here. What I can do is fill you in on some glaring omissions form the documentation that EMC support was able to inform me of.

After adding the client check the client resources.

Not sure how critical this was but EMC support advised that a pool should not be specified.

4-11-2014 12-43-22 PM



Ensure the DAG entry is correct

4-11-2014 12-43-35 PM






Ensure all DNS aliases are entered

4-11-2014 12-43-51 PM

The remote access are should contain entries for all the exchange nodes.

4-11-2014 12-44-09 PM



The administration field should contain the following. An entry for the NMMBackupUser, this user should have been created with the required permissions and a mailbox assigned. There should also be entries for the exchange nodes and the Exchange DAG name.

4-11-2014 12-55-31 PM



Again, not sure how important, but the EMC support zeroed out these entries on the group properties


4-11-2014 12-44-49 PM



The snapshot policy and pool should be identified under the group properties.

4-11-2014 12-44-32 PM


Finally, ensure you have the following entries in administration  under setup in the NetWorker Server properties.

4-11-2014 12-55-31 PM



EMC documentation is pretty good, but I don’t know how these very critical items could be missed. I searched the NMM documentation portfolio for the following items.

I hope this post helps other users, VAR’s and EMC staff in any future NMM implementations. ¬†All said, it seems to work well when you get it going.

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