What’s new with Data Domain at EMC World 2012



Data Domain was a great acquisition for EMC when they purchased the deduplication appliance manufacturer in 2009. I was in Santa Clara on training at the EMC campus there when the news broke. “What are we going to do!” said one of the EMC VTL sales guys in the classroom. When I asked what the issue was he advised? “We have been trashing Data Domain for years, and then we go and buy them?” The EMC VTL product line was very successful for the company, but Data Domain started a very important conversation that created a paradigm shift in how we backup data.

Now at EMC World in 2012, we seem a long way off from the DD200 with it 1.25 TB of storage. So what’s new?

The new DD OS 5.2 code will feature better inline data verification. Where after data is written to the DD the code will continue to look for disk IO errors and correct instantly. Adaptive data scrubbing ensure data remains recoverable and reverifies every 34 weeks without impacting performance.

Also this week the DD990 was released. Here are some highlights.

  • Backup up to 248 TB in 8 hour backup window with 31 TB/hr throughput
  • Protect up to 65 PB of logical capacity for long-term backup retention
  • Replicate up to 270 remote sites into a single system
  • Consolidate backup and archive data
  • Available in a preconfigured rack.

The extended retention software is no longer a separate system. It is now a software feature available for DD860 and DD990. Currently deployed DD860’s can be upgraded with this feature.

EMC’s focus in the Backup recovery portfolio is defiantly on integration with its own products as well as with the business critical applications in the enterprise. The message has been to keep Data Domain vendor agnostic and some of these new features reinforce this ideology. With DDBoost for Oracle recovery manager DBA’s can retain the control they love to realize faster restores by minimizing the touch points required to restore data and keeping the RMAN catalog aware of all copies of the database. Also added is DDoost for vRanger. In addition NetBackup gets some love with support for NetBackup synthetics.

Other enhancements include mtree quotas to control logical space consumed. Soft and hard quotas can be configured for application specific allocations. Also granular management for mtree replication with DD extended retention system has been added by creating vpools as mtrees.





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