Troubleshooting Conflicting NSR peer Information errors

Recently, our server team migrated some data to a new server, keeping the same name and IP for the client.

After reinstalling the NetWorker client I ran a test backup and noticed the following filling up the log,

Error: Conflicting NSR peer information resources detected for host. Please see server log for more information.

This is a pretty easy thing to fix, a quick google of this error and you will easily find the solution, but what does it mean and why is this error being produced?

Below from the man page.

The NSR peer information resource is used by NetWorker authentication daemon nsrexecd. Resources of this type are populated/created by NetWorker. They are used to hold the identity and certificate of remote NetWorker installations that the local installation communicated with in the past. These resources are similar to known_hosts file used by ssh(1). Once a NetWorker installation (client, server, or storage node) communicates with a remote NetWorker install (client, server, or storage node), a NSR peer information resource will be created on each host and will contain information about the peer (i.e. identity and certificate). During this initial communication, each host will send information about itself to the peer. This information includes the NW instance name, NW instance ID, and the certificate. After this initial communication, each NetWorker install will use the registered peer certificate to validate future communications with that peer.

So, it goes without saying that when a system is rebuilt or a new system is built with a previously used name, this certificate will change.

The resolution below is from the following link;

Delete the NSR Peer Information of the NetWorker Server on the client/storage node.
Then delete the NSR Peer Information for the client/storage node from the NetWorker Server.

Please follow the steps given below to delete the NSR peer information on NetWorker Server and on the Client.

1. At NetWorker server command line, go to the location /nsr/res
2. Type the command:

nsradmin -p nsrexec
print type:nsr peer information; name:client_name

Specify the name of the client/storage node in the place of client_name.

1. At the client/storage node command line, go to the location /nsr/res
2. Type the command:

nsradmin -p nsrexec
print type:nsr peer information



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