NetWorker Build 783 released

NetWorker Build 783
Publication Date: 2015-JUN-08

234898 ESC		NW_VSS		Escalation 23776:Large SQLDatabase Backups are not possible(VDI Backup)
234595 ESC		NW_Console	Escalation 23700:VBA: VMware protection policy details shows another days backup information
233518 ESC		NW_VSS		Escalation 23701:NMSQL recovered the different data than what is being requested
232892 ESC		NetWorker	Escalation 23391: device mismatch errors in other devices after device deletion that prevents devices from working.
232110 ESC		NetWorker	Escalation 23548:nsrjobd crashes while performing RMAN recovery
229042 ESC		NW_VSS		Escalation 23085:nsrsnap_vss_save crashes in a 25 node Hyper-V Windows 2012 R2 core setup
225356 ESC		NW_VSS		Escalation 22686:NW00162213-NW162213:EXCHANGE 2010 SP3 RU5 backups failing with error VSS_E_WRITERERROR_RETRYABLE
233253 BUG		NetWorker	VBA stuck in query pending forever in case of problems
232507 BUG		NetWorker	ESC 23654 - VBA Policy status shows as failed but not clients are listed in NMC
232306 BUG		NetWorker	ESC 23393:VBA jobs show nothing in waiting to run in NMC even when there are jobs in queued state on VBA and failed                                         VMs show no error
185641 (NW160391) BUG	NetWorker	No info to user when backups are not run due to No Eligible Proxies during hot-add only backup mode
206681 (NW159953) ESC	NetWorker	Cannot label blank tape after upgrade to NetWorker version 8.1 on AIX - different than NW156909
206213 (NW157573) ESC	NetWorker	Library getting down after upgraded from to even to
204138 (NW159899) ESC	NetWorker	auto inventory of HP MSL libraries doesnt work in 8.1
200652 (NW161429) ESC	NetWorker	Skips of scheduled clone jobs show as interrupted in the NW gui After upgrading to NW


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