NetWorker Build 774 has been released.

NetWorker Build 774 has been released.

It can be downloaded from
This package contains the following cumulative fixes:

ID Details
(NW161917) ESC	NetWorker Escalation 22509: NSM DB2 PIT restore doesn't restore connecting directories' ACL on AIX
NW161624) ESC	NetWorker Escalation 22307: Device discovery raises alerts if udev-named library handle already configured: 14249:dvdetect: 'skipped as requested'
ESC	NetWorker Escalation 22567: Error counts not correctly handled with nsrsnmd & cdi changes
(NW159916) ESC 	NetWorker Escalation 21778: Disable "label" operation in AMM functionality: DataDomain devices unmount with "RPC severe Lost connection to media database"

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