This is embarrassing

That said, I’m never afraid too admit what I don’t know or when I’ve made a mistake. In hindsight, I can’t believe it took me this long to find this. In my defense, this has never been a requirement in to many of the NetWorker environments I’ve managed, until recently.

My client has some remote sites with some with limited bandwidth that we are attempting to backup over the wire to a DD at the home office. The issue is the clients at the site gets a little cranky when the backup hijacks their bandwidth during core business hours. We had been manually killing the backup job upon arriving in the office. The other day I was looking at the client properties and realized there were some variables that I had no idea what function they performed. One was hard limit. There you can set the runtime of the client backup in minutes. So yeah, I never realized there was a way to set a defined backup window for NetWorker clients. There I said it! In my defense, other backup products I had worked with have defined backup window resources.


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