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Congratulations! You have inherited some NetWorker infrastructure, either by your defined career path or by misfortune. You have a rudimentary knowledge of backup technologies, but you’re not sure where to start. This post is for you. First, head over to and sign up for an account. You may need to contact site support to associate your new user ID with your site id. What is your site ID? Glad you asked.

Things you should have when opening a support call

  • You should know your site ID
  • Host ID
  • NetWorker Version
  • Platform

Hopefully, somebody you work with has the site ID, if not your local sales rep might. If not contact support and have your ID associated. When associated you can open support requests online and select your site from a drop down list.

The host id is a unique ID NetWorker assigns when the software is installed. It is not to be confused with the host id of your NetWorker server or data zone.

  1. Open the NetWorker server’s NetWorker Management Console (Console) interface.
    2. Select NetWorker Administration.
    3. In the Administration interface, click the Configuration button.
    4. Right-click Registrations in the navigation tree, then right-click the NetWorker evaluation license (or any NetWorker license) in the Registrations area of the screen. The Properties window appears.
    5. In the Configuration area of the Properties window, the Host ID is the last of the parameters displayed.
    6. Click OK or Cancel to leave the Properties window.

Your version is easy enough to find. In the NMC select help and about.

With your new EMC ID you should also be able to access The ECN is your portal for all things EMC. Great forums, sometimes you might actually find an answer there. If you post be sure to give as much info about you infrastructure as possible, Version, platform, etc. There are some great, smart NetWorker guys that hang out there and not giving this context to your issue is a massive pet peeve.

Going back to There you can find the NetWorker support portal. It’s pretty sexy. Here you can see other recommended resources. Remember, NetWorker modules have separate support pages. You can subscribe to the page and it will be saved in your product list for the future. Also I love the service life by version section as well as the shortcuts to open support tickets or live chat with EMC support.

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Next check out the documentation section. Find the documentation portfolio for your NetWorker version. In there you will find the admin guide as well as a wealth of other information. One document that is worth a look if you’re new to NetWorker is “Theory of Core Operations” It may not be bundled in the portfolio, but is there if you search. The information in this guide is primarily intended to familiarize new EMC developers, test engineers, technical support engineers, product specialists, instructors, course developers, and information developers with NetWorker concepts.
This document addresses the EMC concept of “core engineering” function for the NetWorker product for Windows and UNIX operating systems.

Last but not least is This site is owned and administered by Preston de Guise. I’m not sure when he sleeps. He frequently post in depth content and his blog is a fantastic library of all things NetWorker. Be sure to check out his micro manuals. He has a new one called Turbo Charged NetWorker, which he intends to update regularly. He also published yearly NetWorker administrator survey results which he uses to capture trends in NetWorker uses and functions. Wow.

Also, you may pick up his book, Enterprise Systems Backup and Recovery: A Corporate Insurance Policy. A great read, I’m sure. Bought it a while ago and promise to read it one day.

So there you go. Did I miss anything? Comment below!

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