Creating NetWorker Client Repositories

Creating client repositories is pretty easy. All you need is the package and the command line. It does get a little tricky when you need to create a cross platform repository. That is create Windows client repository on a Linux NetWorker server.

For same OS, it’s easy enough.  Move the package over to the NetWorker server. You may want to look at the LGTO meta file. It will break down the variables for how they should be entered into the command line.

The switches below denotate the product, platform and path to the client files.

nsrpush -a -p NetWorker -v -P linux_x86 -m /tmp/linux_x86 -U

Success adding product from:
Add to repository status: succeeded

Cross platform is a little more of a pain. You need to place the Windows client files on a like Windows client as well as on the NetWorker server. Then we will specify the Windows client in the command along with the path.


Below we add the C for the client name. This is the name of an existing networker client where we have placed the new client files as well as the path to the same files on our NIX NetWorker server.

nsrpush -a -p NetWorker -P win_x64 -v -m /tmp/win_x64 -c cwf161 -C ‘D:\\nw80sp1_win_x64\win_x64’ -W
Hostname and mount point recorded.
Success adding product from:



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