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If you are responsible for maintenance and operations of some NetWorker infrastructure, you are doing yourself a huge disservice not getting to know NSRADMIN.

There is a some documentation out there, this micromanual  written by Preston over at is invaluable. So, lets talk about a recent use case that was of great help to me recently.

I have a large client that was migrating their VM’s into a new vCenter. Task 1. was to update the application information variable on all the client resources with the name of the new vCenter.  My friend and co-worker informed me that you can now edit multiple clients simultaneously with the NMC on NetWorker 8! I was pretty happy with this news for two reasons.

1. As previously stated, I’m not very smart. While I was sure there was going to be a way to do this with NSRADMIN I wasn’t sure how?

2. I’m also lazy and had no desire or time to figure this out.

I attempted to do this via the NMC initially. I didnt take the time to note the error, but it was something to the effect of  “Could not edit 6 of 18 selected clients…”. I kept trying with different blocks of clients and consistently had this error returned. Eventually I gave up and had more success with NSRADMIN. Here is what I did.

nsradmin> show name:; application information:
nsradmin> print type: NSR client; group: DEV4_VADP

The above returns a list of all clients in the group and the associated application information.

name: server_nameDPU101;
application information:;

name: server_nameDXU101;
application information: “”;


To update this variable for all the clients in the group, run the following.

nsradmin> update application information:

You will be prompted to confirm for each client. I have not been able to find a way to force this. This could be scripted to make it even easier, but I was hammering this on the fly in the middle of the night and had to get this done as I wanted to go back to bed.

Lazy? Remember?



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