NetWorker 8 roundup


It’s not everyday that a product like NetWorker gets a major version release. I had wanted to provide some insight in regards to this release and delve into the new features a little. Did I mention I live in Canada? Our summers are short and my weekends have been filled with beer, Bar B Que’s, weddings and some summer festival type things. Right now I’m on my deck with my wife who has just made some kind of fruity alcohol filled concoction. Anyway, it has been a great summer. Work has been a little to busy for research during business hours. Of course Storagezilla and Preston were way more productive thankfully. Preston got in the lab to play with the product a little. He identifies some major architectural changes such as concurrent read write access to AFTD’s and a new daemon nsrsnmd which is a storage node multiplexor manager. This will will results in fewer interuption to the nsrd process.

Storagezilla provides some great insight into some of the new features and how NetWorker 8 will integrate with Data Domain boost technologies and get it’s hooks into more applications and databases.




I’m looking forward to doing some more research and presenting a case to my clients to upgrade to NetWorker 8.

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