EMC World 2012 Wrap-Up

This was the first year I attended EMC World and it was pretty amazing. The logistics behind the event are amazing. Take for instance the dining hall. 1000 tables, each seats 6-8 people. Over 300 servers and another 300 cooks in the back. The Venetian did a great job hosting this event, although the hotel in-suite wireless was hit and miss. There were 4 floors of meeting rooms for the breakout sessions, these rooms seat anywhere from 200 to a few thousand. Not to mention Hall A that could host every one of the 15,000 attendees for the keynotes. The lab area sat 200 users and hosted a selection of over 30 labs. I was disappointed how few technology experts my company sent. Make no mistake, this a tech event. You can send all the sales guys in the world, but you need you experts to be able to be there to see the value and identify the opportunities presented. The labs were great, although I wish there were more specific to backup and recovery. When planning for the event I tried to fill my agenda with breakout sessions. I didn’t realize how much more there was to see. I don’t think I made it into the solutions pavilion until day 3. A lot of time was spent in the bloggers lounge where I had the opportunity to meet some of EMC’s best and brightest. The interactive aspect of the event cannot be ignored. If you plan on attending EMC world in the future and you are not on twitter, get on it. I met so many people prior to the event via some online interaction. So to wrap up, if you’re a hands on technologist looking for some new ideas to resolve some pain points for a client or an SE neck deep in EMC tech, this event can’t be missed. As long as I’m this deep into Avamar, NetWorker and Data Domain I will continue to go.


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