Data Domain long term retention

Data domain long term retention has increased focus on the convergence of backup and archive. Traditionally archive data has belonged in the tape backup wheelhouse. Maybe if RTO of archive data is important you may consider nearline storage on inexpensive disk.
Of course, Data Domain continues its campaign to assassinate tape backup. Now they are setting their sight on tape archives. By leveraging global dedupe across primary backup and archive space to discover greater savings and minimize archive silos into a single solution. There is a huge market in disk archives and DD hopes to capture more data with this new feature.

Governance, Industry requirements and legal require increased data retentions to meet their requirements. With data growth exploding, maintaining cost efficient data storage by introducing some kind of archive solution has become the status quo.

Most customers have in the past or are currently using their backup apps to create archives. Maybe to tape maybe to disk. Others may have purchased another product that may be a mix of hardware and software to move infrequently accessed data.
Data Domain loves to remind us of the challenges with tape. Sometimes I wonder after drinking a big old glass of Data Domain kool-aid how we ever get data recovered from tape. I feel some of the challenges are exaggerated. The challenges stated include migration from media as tape technologies evolve, security and SLA. Disk also has its challenges, predominately scalability.

With DD extended retention they hope to entice more customers to move archive data to DD. The extended retention solution is a software option available for the new DD990 and the DD860. Existing 860’s can be upgraded. and the 990 scales to 65 PB. Data is written to the active tier and then automatically moved to the archive tier. DDboost, VTL, CIFS, NFS protocols are supported. The archive tier can also be used in replication.

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