Avamar 6.1 brings a long awaited enhancement and much more


I was really looking forward to the “what’s new in Avamar” session and it didn’t disappoint. Here is what is new in 6.1


New extended and deeper support added: SAP, Sybase, Hyper V

I don’t and never have worked in an environment with SAP, so I didn’t notice that this wasn’t supported. This was kind of a surprise. Tucci indicated in the keynote a deeper relationship with SAP and there was a demonstration of some SAP storage integration that was interesting. I would think this is part of a larger strategy that had been overlooked and EMC is now playing catch up to piggy back on some SAP business, at least with Avamar anyway. Hyper V is a nice addition.  Hyper V’s wheelhouse is small and medium size business. This integration with maybe would get Avamar into that space. The product price point had in the past excluded this market from Avamar, but with AVE this could be a possibility. Also supports hot and cold backups as well as the BR tools interface and all OS and architectures.



Avamar 6.1 introduces corrupted block detection to provide self-healing capability with Oracle as well as backup support for flash recovery area AND DD boost support!



Improved DAG tracking and a great feature to ignore duplicate replicas and increase backup efficiency as well as auto recognize new and capture new DAGs.



Added multi streams to Avamar data stores as well as DD for  4x faster backup and recovery.


New Clients

Avamar has always had huge support for a variety of clients and they keep adding more. Some new stand outs are Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and pretty much every flavor and architecture of Solaris.



Finally, single pass image and file level coverage for Linux clients introduced. Now you can give those Linux VM’s the same protection your Windows VM’s have enjoyed. Also an integrated proxy is introduced to protect both Linux and Windows. If that wasn’t enough there is also disk level granularity to exclude swap and OS disk if desired and increase backup efficiency. In addition there is better protection for thin  provisioned disk to protect only required data.


Performance and scalability

To address increased data growth backup efficiency cannot be ignored. Many new integration’s and enhancments with Data Domain Boost including Hyper V, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle,  SAP and Sybase. Also increased control to direct these apps to Avamar DS or DD. Multi streaming of SQL, Sybase and Hyper V has been improved


Avamar Extended Retention

This has been Avamar’s achilles heel for years that has excluded it from customers that require the longer retention periods. It is an addition 7 TB node that acts as a staging area for backup and recoveries. It provides granular control of retention’s for data sets and supports all apps, OS and architectures via FC connectivity to VTL or physical library.


Anyway, all this was huge news. Avamar 6.1 is available in RA now and will be GA in June.

The video below is a demonstration posted by Denis Jannot at http://www.recorditblog.com/


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