It’s here! EMC World 2012


Landed in Vegas for EMC world 2012. I’m trying not to be impressed but really can’t help it. I can take or leave Vegas, but there is a reason there are so many conferences here. Only these casinos could host an event of this size. There will be 15,000 registered attendees, over 100 exhibitors and tons of learning opportunities.

I had requested my company send me to EMC world this year, as I am neck deep in EMC technologies with my current client. Outside of visiting Vegas and having a few beverages I’m asking myself, what do I really want to get out of the conference?
Here is a short list of what I’m hoping to hear.

– New features in Avamar, NetWorker and DataDomain.
EMC has been slowly integrating these assets more and more. NetWorker has seen some much needed improvements and integration with Avamar and DataDomain to provide that sexy data deduplication it was lacking. I’m hoping to hear the long awaited Avamar tape out solution that will hopefully be the magic bullet and help get the product into places where the data retention make it insufficient.

– What’s next?
In 2010 data deduplication became the latest buzz in backups. What’s next now that every vendor has implemented it? What is the next great innovation that will enable us to move data faster from A to B? Quantum teleportation? Maybe EMC can hire Criss Angel to magically move 1’s and 0’s? I joke but really I think EMC can easily spend the next fours years creating better integration with these three products. They have done some great things, but they need to do amazing things with these three products. They almost need to be a single product with each of the three being treated as options that can easily be bolted on to address a challenge.

I hope to learn a few things, meet and pick the brains of some NetWorker and Avamar experts regarding best practices and day to day maintenance of these systems. I started this blog as an opportunity to document NetWorker learnings as I am relatively new to it. This conference presents itself as a massive learning opportunity for myself and my client. We have some of the typical challenges in a large enterprise environment. Too much data, shrinking backup windows. I think I’m pretty knowledgable in how to address these challenges, either by data lifecycle management, leveraging storage technologies or data dedupe at the backup end. I’m hoping there is something I’m missing that is really new and really innovative. Maybe Chris Angel will be at the keynote?

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  • Sergey says:

    Thanks for an interesting blog!
    Hope you’ll make a short report on your impressions of EMC World. Especially BRS solutions.
    Have a good day!