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I’ve said it before but it should be repeated. I’m not very smart. Part of being a good I.T. support guy is not knowing the answers, but knowing where to quickly get the answers. When I first started in I.T. I worked as a desktop analyst  supporting Wintel systems. A quick search of Google usually  found the solution to the issue. Moving into backup/recovery/storage, the problems got harder, had more serious consequences and answers were more difficult to come by. So in addition to reading manuals and training, these three books have been good resources for me. There are many more books on backup and recovery out there. I generally don’t really enjoy reading these things in my spare time, so these are the only three I have on my shelf. (one of which I haven’t read yet) These books actually followed the evolution of my career to inform accordingly. Culminating in the final book that I plan to leverage to influence decision makers for my client.


Sans and NAS

This book was really helpful when I was first getting my feet wet in the backup and storage world.


Backup and Recovery

A great resource to have around. I found this book helpful as a reference for a presentation I was giving to a project manager on backup technologies. The first chapter maps out the evolution of backup recovery in the enterprise.

Enterprise Backup and Recovery: A corporate Insurance Policy

I haven’t read this yet, but it looks very promising. It appears to be more about policies and best practices for management and architecture to address challenges. Preston presents a backup system as not just a collection of servers software and targets, but also policy and ownership in the corporate structure. I may crack it this week while in Vegas for EMC world. Hopefully it will make me sound smarter.


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