EMC buys XtremIO

So EMC announced today they have purchased a company called XtremIO. An Israel based developer of storage solutions based on SSD technology for 430 million in cash. So my first question is why? They already have all flash version of their Vmax line.
So what kind of secret sauce does XtremIO have that EMC found compelling? Looking at http://www.xtremio.com/solutions/ there appears to be some deduplication technology used to consolidate data. Interesting, but is it unique? I’m looking forward to hearing more at EMC world in Vegas. SSD is best used to enhance application delivery, but I’m wondering if we will ever see SSD incorporated into backup and recovery architecture? Avamar is using SSD as RAM to enhance performance. The question may be moot as the backup recovery and storage architecture worlds are increasingly becoming blurred. One thing is for sure, they sure make snazzy looking boxes. Look at that thing! It’s sexy.

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