EMC launches new support site

EMC is a massive company and it requires a website like powerlink to support it’s employees, customers and partners. Powerlink’s scope being so wide made navigating it difficult at times.
So EMC launched support.emc.com. The interface is clean and a real improvement from powerlink. It appears EMC wanted to create a online experience for their customers where they can easily find the support documentation, advice from a forum or open a ticket if required. There is some tighter integration with ECN which is nice and an emphasis on creating an online community. Logging in was easy, just used my powerlink id and password. I could see my account was still linked to my support site and products. The tools section had access to all the grab utils and procedure generators, as well as a few other interesting looking tools I wasnt aware of. The EMC corp twitter account emphasizes the social aspect of the site, but there did not appear to be any options to link to some of my other social networks. Navigating from my ipad was nice, but I would love to see an app. Partners will still need powerlink to access some exclusive content and tools found there. Check out some of the screenshots below.



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