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I first heard the rumors about google drive just yesterday. Cut me some slack, I’m still rebooting from vacation. I’ve been a Dropbox user for a year and I love it.  The rumor of a free 5 GB basic sounded great, but I was even more impressed with the 25 GB for only $2.50 a month. So I took a look at it today and here are some quick observations on the differences between Dropbox and how this will fit into the Google toolbox.

I went to Google drive on my Ipad and was surprised to see my google docs already there. The revision history and collaborative potential looks great. I could not do much else on my IOS device. A real IOS app will be coming soon. Expect some google IOS app updates to feature some added integration with the G drive. I would love to see a G Drive option in Good Reader! Companies already invested in Google Docs and Gmail may be tempted to further venture into Google Plus to engage an online collaborative work environment in the cloud?

When I got to a PC I downloaded the Google Drive app. Like Dropbox an icon is created in the system tray and you define the local storage of your google docs sync, which it does very quickly or appeared to. What is actually being stored is a link to the actual document in the Google cloud. Nice but this does not provide any offline functionality. There is offline option that requires a change to the settings as well as Google chrome and an additional Chrome plugin. Google is of course promoting its search as a key differentiator and the ability to search for text in docs as well as images. This is a nice feature that I have leveraged Evernote for in the past.

There a a lot of other competitors out there that I have never tried like SkyDrive and SugarSync. Some brief research found that Google Drive has the largest and most expensive premium option of 16 TB for $800 a month as well as the largest file size limit of 10GB. The cost of G drive wins over almost all the competition, except for SkyDrive that does work out less expensive over the year. Being the data storage junkie I am



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