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So when I first started working with NetWorker with this particular client I ran into some issues. I can’t recall exactly what happened but there was some mismatch with the devices. In my experience from the NetBackup world, it is always best and usually easiest to delete and readd the devices. Just let the app scan and find what it will. As long as the OS can see the devices the app will also.

This NW env at the time was 2 years old, built and then configured by staff that did not know much more about NetWorker than I did at the time. I do know one thing. Keep your media pools to a minimum. I learned this years ago to ensure you get the best utilization out of your tape media.

At this time I was not well versed in the NetWorker command line or nsradmin. I attempted to delete the jukebox and associated tape devices. Quickly realized that the devices could  not be removed until the tape devices are removed from the media pools. OK… No problem….There are 95 media pools!!! O_o. Wow. Lets not talk about the possible rational. I was surprised EMC support could not advise on a quicker way to remove the devices from the pool rather than manually deselecting from the GUI. I was doing some research today and I found this.


If you want to delete all the jukebox definitions, and all of the
devices use nsradmin cli…

# nsradmin
> . type: NSR jukebox
> show name
> print

(this will list all the jukebox definitions, If you are happy to delete
them, continue)

> delete
> delete

(you have to run delete twice – maybe more… Just keep running delete
until no records are found)

> . type: NSR pool
> show name; devices

(if any devices were owned by pools that would prevent you from deleting
them, update devices to be blank if so )

> update devices:

> . type: NSR device; media family: tape
> show name
> print

( make sure its selecting just those devices you want to delete)

> delete
> delete

Wondering if anyone has tried this. I have since widdled down the number of media pools greatly, but I am planning a upgrade soon that will require removing and readding the library. I’ll give it a try and let you guys know how it worked.

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