VTL weirdness

I have an EMC VTL in my backup env. It was purchased just before EMC acquired DataDomain. Let’s just say there is a reason why EMC purchased DD. It really is the superior product. That being said this VTL 4160 has served us well and aside from one major outage, has been very stable. The problem I’m going to describe probably has more to do with NetWorker than the VTL.

I had noticed my clone jobs had been hanging. The job was looking for a particular virtual tape to copy to physical. The tape was in a virtual drive and the associated message indicated reading, done. NetWorker was repeatedly trying to unload this tape unsuccessfully. As you probably know, it is a bad idea to use anything other than NetWorker to move tapes around. So if you need to, you MUST perform an inventory so NetWorker is aware of the location of the tape or tapes.  So to clear this up I first manually kicked the tape out of the virtual drive via the CDL gui. After I performed an inventory of the specific slot I put the tape in and the drive that NetWorker THOUGHT had the tape.

When the inventory was completed and NetWorker was aware of the location of all tapes in the home slots, I restarted NetWorker. Viola!

Note: Be careful with the options for  inventory. You can accidently inventory the entire library and have it load and read all tapes. That may take some time depending on the size of your library

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