nsradmin is your friend

I have a confession to make. I like the GUI. Don’t hold it against me. I know most of us in Backup Recovery and the products we support have roots in UNIX. I am well aware of how superior the command line can be and generally is. That’s what this post is about.  I find sometimes  the NetWorker GUI can be finicky about what it will and wont let you do, even though there may be a menu option for it?  So this week I noticed some incorrect devices hanging around. I had taken a vacation a while ago and it looks like somebody was having some fun. Grrr!

Do you think I can right click and delete? Nope!  So I configure the device as stand alone, again I try to delete it. Nada! Denied! So what to do? Thanks to EMC support for showing me this sometime ago. To the nsradmin utility!

Use tab to move through the menu. First choose NSR device from the select menu, then use next to move through the device list.

When you find you device in question select delete.


Boom! Take that careless co-worker with no respect for others backup env!



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