NetWorker Command Line Restores

Typically, I launch client restores using the client NetWorker GUI on the source client. I think this is a best practice as the source restore client should by default have all the required access and permissions required to its own data. However a few weeks ago a received a restore request for a client that is firewalled. We initially attempted the restore from the client, but ran into the following error.

Recovering files of client ‘cwf###’ from server ‘cls###’ to client cwf###’.
Recovering 1 file from D:\downstream\backup\infosys_exp_tosite\ into C:\temp
Total estimated disk space needed for recover is 23 KB.
Requesting 1 file(s), this may take a while…
Requesting 1 recover session(s) from server.
53363:winworkr: Recover of rsid 993513722 failed: Error receiving files from NSR server `cls##’
73724:winworkr: One or more recover threads failed to exit successfully
73731:winworkr: Parent recover thread exited with errors
52973:winworkr: Didn’t recover requested file C:\temp\EM700299_7002_infosys.2769
Received 0 file(s) from NSR server `cls###’
Recover completion time: 2/7/2012 10:34:10 AM

I initially assumed this may be related to the firewall. I decided instead to perform a redirected restore to one of my NetWorker storage nodes and get the restore done. My plan was to later examine the firewall setting on NetWorker and see if there was a problem there.

But! The restore also failed with the same error on the redirected restore? As stated this is the first time I had attempted a redirect in this backup env, so what was the problem? Well that is still pending, but I wanted to outline what we did do with the help of EMC support to get the restore done.

First we identified via the winworker GUI if the files where there and what date they were backed up and get the saveset ID

[root@cls### ~]# mminfo -avot -q “client=cwf###,savetime>01/27/12” -r name,savetime,ssid,level | more
name date ssid lvl
VSS USER DATA:\ 01/27/2012 253990450 full
D:\ 01/27/2012 3861092125 6
C:\ 01/27/2012 3777206061 6
VSS OTHER:\ 01/27/2012 3340998683 full
VSS SYSTEM BOOT:\ 01/27/2012 3156449364 full

With the saveset ID in hand we ran the the following mminfo command to confirm the required tapes.

mminfo -av -q ssid=69700782 -r name,sumsize,level,ssflags,savetime,volume
 name                             size  lvl ssflags date   volume
D:\                              11 GB incr vF   01/30/2012 001756
D:\                              11 GB incr vF   01/30/2012 VT0605

When confirmed the tapes were on hand we launched the restore via the following.

C:\Program Files\Legato\nsr\logs>recover -vv -d c:\temp\dan -s cls### -S 38610921252 -a D:\downstream\backup\dailytrans\EA111299_dailytrans.2086
Recovering a subset of 166881 files within D:\ into C:\temp\dan
Requesting 1 recover session(s) from server.
recovering 166881 save set(s) on rsid 993552684
asm -r C:\temp\dan\downstream\backup\dailytrans\
asm -r C:\temp\dan\downstream\backup\
asm -r C:\temp\dan\downstream\
Received 3 matching file(s) from NSR server `cls213′
Recover completion time: 2/22/2012 2:57:58 PM


I was glad to get this restore done and have the opportunity to familiarize myself a little more with the NetWorker command line. I’m discovering, like NetBackup that the command line cannot be ignored when performing daily operations of this product.

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